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标题: [讨论] 波士顿地区房价开始降了 [打印本页]

作者: not4weak    时间: 2018-5-12 17:35     标题: 波士顿地区房价开始降了

The average duration of housing appreciation and depreciation in a typical housing cycle is approximately five to seven years. We are in the 10th year of this cycle since the market bottomed out in 2008.

最近上市的房屋已经比较难以出手了,伴随着利率的升高,越来越多的人担心房子会砸手里了。 一般房屋的牛市会持续5-7年,这一次08年已经10年了,估计到2019年中联储会有六次加利息,伴随着经济放缓和利率的升高,房屋市场会很快萧条。

We are entering into a rate tightening cycle. Eleven out of the last twelve times that the Fed went on a rate tightening cycle, it led to a recession. Generally, as the economy slows down, housing prices can decrease or flatten as people begin to lose their jobs and income growth slows. Economists anticipate that we will experience five to six rate hikes by mid-2019. The Federal Reserve has begun reducing its holdings of U.S. Treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities. This should put upward pressure on mortgage rates. Rising rates will translate into costlier loans, which could discourage potential new homebuyers.
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