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标题: [讨论] 中石油是中国人的耻辱! [打印本页]

作者: not4weak    时间: 2019-8-22 16:14     标题: 中石油是中国人的耻辱! ... lion-154220759.html
In 2007, PetroChina, China's largest oil and gas producer, became the world's first company to trade at over $1 trillion while debuting on the Shanghai stock exchange. Far more hurtful is the fact that PetroChina's market worth is now less than the value of its proven oil and gas reserves in the ground – which is estimated to be worth $208.7 billion. American imports of manufactured goods from China and 13 other Asian countries rose 9 percent in 2018 to $816 billion, the largest annual increase in nearly a decade and outpacing a 6 percent increase in domestic manufacturing gross output.

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